Surprises in Vibrant Gujarat Summit

The success of Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2011 has been the most positive news for our country after Nitish’s victory. It provides a glimpse of  what we as  a nation can achieve when our leaders possess the right vision,passion and dedication. The leadership of Narendra Modi can not be described in any better words than as done in the speeches of the who-is-who at the summit. In the world of media and social media Offstumped, Kanchan Gupta , Swapan Dasgupta etc. have already told their readers why Modi should be the future of this country.

I do not want to go into the leadership of Modi and the success of summit as I consider myself out of words to explain the aspiration it creates in people like me to be part of the Indian success story as delivered by Modi. He is indeed one of the greatest change agent of this century.

Let me instead go through few of the surprising elements of the Vibrant Gujarat Summit. No, I am not at all surprised about the 21 lakh crores of investment that were committed. I am rather  surprised about how Modi is expected to explain about the 21 lakh crores investment to scoundrels who rather themselves should be explaining the lakhs of crores of public money they have looted through 2G scam, CWG etc.

I twitted before the start of Vibrant Gujarat Summit that whether media is going to discredit or media is going to ignore the summit . The facts and figures of the summit (including previous ones) are not to be easily disputed, hence media chose the option of mostly ignoring the summit. Due to the credibility issue media is facing now, it did some lip service about the summit. A terrorist like Sohrabuddin gets 24*7 coverage of media , where as one of the biggest investor mela of India recieved few moments of coverage. However, if one understands our left-liberal, elite Indian English media this behaviour is not at all surprising.

What surprised me is how come media resisted the temptation of bringing a panel of so-called Gandhians and civil-society to tell the nation how the name of Gandhi has been tarnished due to the event held at Mahatma Mandir and Modi’s association to it. Narendra Modi not only held the summit at Mahatma Mandir but also he mentioned Gandhi and his principles in almost all his speeches. I am surprised that even NDTV did not invite all these people to provide them their 1 hour of glory and sycophancy. I am too simple a person to read the mind of Indian media, but my take is media has been instructed to ignore the summit by their masters. Narendra Modi’s habit of taking the criticisms directly to people and asking people to judge has not helped either.

What also surprised me is the way Arnab Goswami named the debate as “ “. The rule is : “If Modi does something wrong it’s a reflection of his character and if Modi does something good it’s his desperate attempt to do an image makeover”. Arnab Goswami, the new jury and judge of Indian media , the crusader of corruption in the end insinuated that : “Arnab is not yet convinced that the image make-over is possible.”. I consider Arnab , out of all media persons , to be honest and a person having good intentions. I was surprised the way he tried to project the investment to our nation as an image make-over of an individual.

I was also surprised about Rajdeep hosting a balanced show where a  Muslim business man from Gujarat was praising Modi’s leadership along with Prabhu Chawla. Though Rajdeep does not seem to be pleased with their open support to Modi , however, such a program by CNN-IBN is quite surprising.It is funny to see the Gujarat’s leader of opposition trying to make a point by showing  some papers that have the unemployment figure of the state.

NDTV does not surprise me any more. After Radia tape the country knows where the BUCKs stop.

The other surprising factor was that none of the Congress spokesmen or top leaders indulged in Modi-bashing to belittle the Vibrant Gujarat event. This proves my theory that the strategy of Congress has been to ignore the event and play mischief from back-door the way the PSUs were given a warning (which is also a veiled threat to other private business houses who participated)

In spite of all this , Modi in the closing ceremony of the event praised media for giving a positive coverage to the event. Modi, after the win in Panchayat election, told in a rally that he considers media a critical success factor of our democracy and would like to be friend with media through honest and truthful means. I hope media will help Modi in Nation-building rather than trying to put hurdles at each and every step he takes.


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3 Responses to Surprises in Vibrant Gujarat Summit

  1. S B says:

    Is there any one out there to Make a NATIONAL Survey on the 2014 PM candidate. Not TO stirr the inter-political issues within BJP Just keep Modi and Rahul Gandhi – as the Candidates- And do the Survey- AM sure MODI will win as Rahul is no where nerr Modi. Use this results to convince the BJP leadership to show what MODI can do for the party and to the nation in itself. Guys- some one out there has to take the initiative- Make this a reality-

    • desh2014 says:

      It’s a good idea to have a fair survey on this….Though I am sure once 2014 approaches there will be many opinion polls and surveys but the question will be which ones are reliable and which ones are fixed…

      Even doing a simple comparison between Modi and Rahul Gandhi is very difficult…Modi has proved himself as an administrator and politician. RG seems to be confining himself to symbolic activities that is eulogized by few media persons….Even his speeches,media interactions are all seem to be staged…His views are mostly what is taught to him by Diggy and others…I doubt if he is really interested in politics or he is there just because he can be leveraged as a vote bank… I see him as the programmers in IT industry who do not like or understand technology, but still hang around till late night so that boss will be happy and they can continue having their pay checks…

    • suresh says:

      Shri Modi has so many enemies like Lord Krishna. Although Narendrabhai has proved the popularity in 2007 when Guj assembly election.At that time all congresses leaders,ministers including sonia,rahul and PM has come for congress canvassing. Even medias people like vinod dua,barkhha dutt,pranav roy and other were forecasting that congress will make the govt in Gujarat.Onthe third side other people from BJP anti.modi were pseudo seculars,pseudo NGO like tista,mallika,mahesh bhatt,rajesh khanna etc were there. Only Narendrabhai and his ministry and well wishers with him.
      media had survey the seats upto 80-90. when result came, their eyebrows lifted.
      Now the table turned. Upto-untill 2014 will come Shri Narendrabhai will be the far ahead from all leaders of all parties. I think in the survey he will get atleast above 60% vote all over India.
      I request Shri Advani and the BJP people,to declare Shri Narendrabhai as Prime Minister candidature FOR BRIGHT FUTURE OF INDIA.

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