Justice for Narendra Modi

All hell broke loose when Times of India ,few days back , published the news of Darul Uloom VC Maulana Vastavi lauding Gujarat . Maulana Vastavi was in fact speaking about the all-inclusive development happening in Gujarat and the importance of education for Muslims to enjoy the real fruits of this development as explained in this excellent article by offstumped.

Same media houses that lazily,reluctantly covered the magnificent vibrant Gujarat Summit went into an overdrive producing articles after articles denouncing Maulana Vastavi. Since Times of India started this, it felt the maximum obligation to contain the damage as shown in the reporting pattern of  Times of India below.

Jan 18 – Deoband chief lauds Modi’s Gujarat

Jan 19 – Social discrimination still persists

Jan 19 – Vastanvi’s comment draws mixed reactions

Jan 19 – Muslim leaders aghast at Deoband chief’s remarks on Modi

Jan 20 –Clerics slam Vastanvi for Modi praise

Jan 20 – `Hail Modi’ by Darul Uloom VC

Jan 21 – Personal relations behind rival’s silence on Vastanvi’s Modi praise?

As you see, ToI alone has produced daily 2/3 articles bashing Modi and discrediting Vastanvi .If you include other news articles it comes to more than 70 articles since last 3 days. The ultimate objective is either Maulana Vastanvi goes back on his statement or resigns from his post so that Modi can be put back to the same media space reserved for him. Interestingly, the left-liberal visual media ignored this news as doing it may take maulavi’s message to a much larger audience. Better to hide what can not be defended easily.

The most astonishing thing is all this is happening when Modi made no attempt to use Vastanvi’s endorsement to his advantage. In fact Modi has always shown grace dealing with media , advocated the importance of media in a democracy and the constructive role media can play in India.If Modi speaks to media they say he is brash and ugly, If he does not they say he has no remorse. Same media that does not dare to write a single word against Gandhi family calls Modi Hitler,Nero,mass-murderer,rabble-rouser,shrill,communal,anti-muslim,megalomaniac,autocrat in the most brazen way and if anyone challenges this notion be it Amitabh Bachan or maulana Vastanvi media goes after them with vengeance.

When modi speaks about 10% growth,knowledge economy,science,green energy,agriculture modernization,waste mangement,smart cities,infrastructure etc. our media writes about 2002 Godhra, 2002 Godhra and 2002 Godhra. It seems as if  the career of a media person is directly proportional to number of anti-Modi projects he/she has undertaken.

In my earlier post I had reflected upon  “Why do they hate narendra Modi” and I am totally convinced that even if all the Muslims of Gujarat praise Modi’s development policy, the media will still retain Modi’s status-quo.

Question is what is the objective of the media? The ominous objective is to keep Narendra Modi away from national politics so that the prince can occupy the throne unchallenged.

The strategy  to achieve this objective is to create an impression that Modi is not acceptable outside Gujarat so that he will face enough resistance within BJP, from its allies ,  from the Congress and from the media.

The tool to implement this strategy is to maintain the communal,anti-muslim image of Modi. Sonia-led Congress has outsourced this task to CBI, media , ATS , NGOs ,the self-proclaimed activists and “civil-society”.

Rather than defeating Congress, the real challenge in front of Modi is how to fight all these external agents to lead BJP at the national level. I hope the central BJP leaders will also realize that in Modi the future lies (For the party and the country) and help Modi with all the support he requires. Modi deserves JUSTICE from all the canards,slanders,abuses and untouchability he had faces in past 8 years.

P.S. : The day India gets governance in stead of government , India will also get the true 4th pillar of democracy in stead of news manufacturer and brokers.


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believes India will be a great nation,loves chicken biriyani,fan of Modi,drives responsibly,politically aware,cooks for wife(sometimes),IIM,IT..wants to teach..
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3 Responses to Justice for Narendra Modi

  1. ANIL says:

    Dear desh2014
    Congress has enough proceeds of crime to buy senior media men/women with UNACCOUNTED MONEY. These media personalities get there due and work as spin masters when and where they need it. Remove corruption and bring some light and honesty at national level like Narendra Modi has done in Gujrat, all these misgivings will disappear.

    • desh2014 says:

      And they know if Narendra Modi comes their pay checks will stop coming…They will no longer be able to manufacture news and make money…Hence, they use all that they have to prevent Modi to join national politics…

  2. dr.yogesh says:

    Isn’t it hardluck for our nation? who can explain such things to our poor people? but i am sure, one day , the work will speak for Mr.Modi.. on its own… water always findout its way to flow…..

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