Modi and only Modi should lead BJP

The current UPA govt.  has lost all its credibility to govern this country.The scams, the brazenness to cover  up the scams, the arrogance and the attempts by the Govt. to weaken our institutions has shaken the self-confidence and the image of our nation. Till now the party had been able to hide all its misdeeds behind the PM’s carefully cultivated clean image.  The clean image now has black stains all over it . We have a PM who is hiding behind the coalition politics and self-pity to justify the ugly scams.Behind the PM’s clean image hide the real culprits and Congress at the cost of our democracy is going to protect them.

This nasty governance has created an anti-congress feeling among people and I believe there are sections in BJP that are hoping this anti-congressism will help them in returning to power .However, this will be a self-defeating strategy.BJP needs to decide if it is going to fight election on anti-congressism politics or it is going to face electorate based on development and governance politics. Whether it’s going to continue with an agitational politics or it is going to start an inspirational politics. Whether it’s going to compromise its own values to please its allies or it is going to trust its own internal strength.

BJP today is better than BJP in 2004 , however , it is still a long way to go to be the party of choice to govern the country. Though everyone had written off Nitin gadkari when he took on the responsibility of BJP , he has done a great job to bring BJP back to track. He speaks the right language of governance and development. However, none of the central BJP leaders has the mass appeal and the character to inspire the nation that will result in political dividend.

If BJP wants to have a new avatar of development and governance then only Narendra Modi should lead BJP. Narendra modi is the tallest leader in BJP to represent and communicate this image of BJP to people of this country. He is non-corrupt, efficient, visionary, a development man and a true nationalist. Under Modi’s leadership development can be a revolution in india and BJP has the potential to be the architect of a modern, developed and a powerful india. Without Modi BJP at best can be a lesser evil to Congress.

With Godhra verdict, SIT report and the endorsement of a small sections of Muslims to Modi’s development politics , the time has come for Modi to join the national politics. The media propaganda against Modi and BJP is not going to diminish. However, the propaganda will lose its sheen with the support of people.

L.K. Advani deserves credits for making BJP a national party. But, time has come for him to gracefully leave the chair so that the next generation BJP leaders can take over the party affairs. If there are some leaders in BJP who do not want Modi to come to centre for their own vested interests, they should understand that BJP as a political party and India as a nation has lots to lose if Modi is not allowed to lead BJP.

 Personally, I would love to see the following happening:

  1. Modi will not stand for the chief ministership in the next Gujarat state election. In spite of Modi , if BJP wins the election , it will be an endorsement of Modi’s development policy and the efficient systems he has built. It will silence Modi’s critics who project him as a one man autocratic ruler.
  2. Modi will lead BJP after Gujarat elections and will spend the following years in strengthening the party and taking his development message to nook and corner of India.
  3. There will lateral induction of good people joining BJP under Modi’s leadership. As an example , it will be great to see Kiran Bedi , Arun shourie  joining Modi’s team. BJP will again live up to its slogan of “Party with a difference”.
  4. Eventually it will be a day of immense joy when Modi becomes the PM of India.

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believes India will be a great nation,loves chicken biriyani,fan of Modi,drives responsibly,politically aware,cooks for wife(sometimes),IIM,IT..wants to teach..
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7 Responses to Modi and only Modi should lead BJP

  1. sabarinath says:

    Narendra modi would have done good things for Gujarath.But honestly unless he clears his name in Godhr do you think he will win election for BJP in 2014 lok sabha election
    There will be consolidation of minority votes in favor of congress and majority votes who does not like Modi barnd of Hinduvata.Moreover NDA would end with janata dal and others leaving it for third front or join UPA.

    • desh2014 says:

      Yes there are lots of political challenges…And for the reasons you stated above opposition and media will always try to keep Godhra alive…We need to see how Modi overcomes this challenge..Alliance will follow if BJP gets a considerable seats…Jayalalitha, TRS,Akali,Shivsena,MNS(Raj Thackerey speaks highly of Modi),Jagan/TDP may most probably join BJP if it gets seats…Yes, coming out of 2002 riots riggle is the greatest challenge Modi has and in future we will see more and more attempts to tarnish him as communal..In fact the proposed communal bill by NAC is nothing but a trap-Modi strategy…In last 10 years there have been no proof of his involvement including the latest SIT findings…hence, his name may get legally cleared but vested political and left-lib groups will not accept any legal judgement and will keep on harping about Godhra with the help of media..This is the misfortune of our country…

  2. desh2014 says:

    You are making blind accusations when in last 10 years we have not seen an iota of evidence …only accusations one after another..I don’t entertain accusations on my blog…Send me if you have any proofs..I will post it..

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  6. ramesh says:

    godra was not created by bjp but congress supportars like parliment attack ,nature is witnessand things like this comeup and great people get tag but nature will do its job at right time why worry.Modi is Vania and all vanias are powerfull see in maharastra vanias have lost to worriors domination but cannot destroy Vanias worrior community is scared of vanias hence they have given away Belgao and Karwar to karnataka because these are strong hold of vanias where the hindus found selter to avoid conversion in the hands of goa, Same is why goa was not taken in maharastra because worrio community donot want vanias see the plight of maharatra, same will be indias plight if bjp dose not gamble on Modi , In mahabharata gamble paid offfor dharma

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