Modi at India Today Leadership Conclave 2011

In the recently conducted India Today Leadership conclave, Narendra Modi was simply superb and was turned out to be the biggest attraction , almost that of a rock star. Many who watched him speaking have been totally convinced on why he should lead the country and why under his leadership India does not have to wait till 2050 to be a developed nation.

I do not have enough words to describe his vision, hence, just providing the links of the videos. Only thing I would like to highlight is the difference in the conduct of the audience when you contrast this summit with the HT leadership summit happened few years back. This time there is a visible respect shown by the delegates who were present in the conclave. He received the loudest applause, audience were most attentive during his speech,the questions asked to him were positive and the audience was enjoying every answer given by Modi.  In HT leadership summit everyone had come together with an agenda to embarrass Mr Modi and showed him blatant disrespect.

I believe the anti-Modi elements in the so-called intellectual and civil society have started loosing their clout on public opinion. The acceptability of Modi among people from all the spectrum of society is increasing at a very fast rate. Modi has been conducted himself in utmost dignified way when any Tom,Dick and Hardy took the liberty of calling him murderer,killer,Hitler,Nero,rabble-rouser, anti-democratic, shrill, communal, megalomaniac, self-obsessed, autocratic etc. etc and etc.

He has never reciprocated strongly nor has used any threatening language against all such elements. He let his work speak for him and today all the vested interests are facing the risk of being defeated. The Radia-tape and the UPA scams have further damaged the credibility of such people.

Modi has proved again what leadership quality really means. Hope below videos will give you a glimpse of India’s future under Modi’s leadership.


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