Lessons not learnt in Assembly election 2011

Assembly elections in WB, Assam, TN, Pondichery and Kerla must have come as an eye opener for the political parties. Especially the 3 biggest losers Congress,CPI(M) and BJP have lots to learn to from these elections. Unfortunately these 3 political parties are either basking in self-glory or deriving self-satisfaction from the defeat of the other losers. This is the typical traits of a looser that is too stubborn to learn.

The predicament of Congress party is quite well explained in this article by Tavleen Singh http://epaper.indianexpress.com/IE/IEH/2011/05/22/ArticleHtmls/22_05_2011_009_039.shtml .

The Gandhis, in their obsession for absolute power, are not only insulting the Indian voters but also ensuring no regional leaders is left to represent the Congress party at state level. Tarun Gogoi may be the last man standing in the dying list of non-Gandhi Congress leaders. This self-defeating strategy of grand-old party is creating more and more sycophants and less and less voters.

CPI(M) under Prakash Karat displays the same old  Marxist intellectual superiority and if Mamata performs a bit well this dangerous element in Indian politics will die with a Karl Marx book in hand and arrogance in head.

The only solace for the Congress party is the illusion the main opposition party BJP is living in. Except Nitin Gadkari all the central leaders of BJP are thriving in negativity. They have nothing positive to offer as a party with “difference” and have been in deniable state about their own ineffectiveness. Below are few of the malaises and myths the BJP party is living in.

Myth about India is turning into a bi-polar party :

Time and again BJP central leadership is claiming that India is moving towards a bi-polar politics. This assumption makes them belief that the sins of Congress party will automatically make the votes sway to BJP. This is nothing but a self-fulfilling prophecy that has been proved wrong in the recent assembly election where the BJP failed to make any mark even in a state like Assam where it was hopeful of forming a government. This myth is making them lazy by putting all their bet on anti-Congress sentiment which is not necessarily resulting in pro-BJP sentiment.

Culture of party high command:

Few of the senior Delhi leadership of BJP seem to be harboring a dream of absolute power like the Congress High command. The Congress high command is singularly responsible for the destruction on Congress regional leadership that lead to Congress losing many states election after election. This culture is a bane in Indian politics and strangely few of the BJP Delhi leaders seem to be admiring this. Latest example is the attempt by few Delhi leaders to throw out Yedyurappa as CM. I think it’s only the foresight of Nitin Gadkari that prevented BJP from doing this blunder. Had there been a Rajnath Singh they would mostly have removed Yeddi and in turn would have lost Karnataka to oppositions. Yedyurappa has now proven that he is a survivor and the latest attempt by Karnataka Governor to dismiss the state Govt. has only added to his strength. Yeddi certainly needs to clear his corrupt image and be a person of governance and if he does so Karnataka will be in BJP’s plate in the next election too.

Another high command culture we saw is in Assam where the BJP central leadership instead of developing local leaders put a ineffective Rajnath Singh and varun Gandhi for the election management. All the leaders of BJP are paraded in front of Assam public, but the result gave a rude shock to BJP. BJP needs to shun this dangerous culture soon and should just guide not define the state level politics.

Being loud does not mean people are keen to hear to you :

The current UPA government is probably the most corrupt and ineffective Govt. in the history of India. BJP seems to be losing this golden opportunity provided by Congress to reap any electoral dividend. Instead of a sustained campaign against the misdeeds of this Govt. BJP central leaders are indulging in few loud protests at times. Protests are fine, but they also need to convince people why BJP instead should be the choice of people. Subramaniyam Swamy, Anna Hazare and baba Ramdev are mostly filling this gap of opposition without whom this UPA government would have gone scot free both in legal and public courts.

The UPA government is targeting all the BJP state governments especially Narendra Modi and the Delhi leadership are failing to protect them in parliament. I am sure few of the Delhi leaders who do not want Modi to come to centre have a silence support to these smear campaigns.

BJP has other problems of infighting, lack of credible leadership, lack of focus on critical elections etc. and its current existence is solely dependent on few of the excellent state leaders it has. The Delhi leadership has been a failure and if BJP carries them along then it will lose the 2014 election as well.

Looking Forward :

At this juncture the best strategy for the BJP would be to project Narendra Modi as the leader of BJP, send the lazy Delhi leadership to their constituencies to strengthen the party at local level, retire few of the leaders who have lived out their time and spread a positive development message to the masses so that it can be accepted as a true alternative to Congress. Leaders like Nitin Gadkari gives the hope that BJP will do this sooner or later where as few other leaders are giving me a complete opposite feeling.


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