Indian English Media : A story of manufactured outrage

Does Indian English media manufacture outrage to help a particular party and ideology? Is Indian media soft on culprits who speak good English and left-leaning where as is it treating others with complete disdain showing no respect to their rights in a democracy? Does Indian English media work on a sinister campaign of maligning Hindus, Indian values and Indian beliefs. I have narrated some recent attempts of blatant media propaganda. In a democracy this is unfortunate. However, if you question the media you are immediately branded as a right-wing Hindu extremist. With this kind of arrogance and filthy tactics it is more appropriate to call the Delhi-based media as news manufacturers rather than media channels. The elite bias and political bias that our media shows has reached its nadir. Public anger against media is more than public anger against politicians.

1.  Kalmadi vs Sheila Dikshit :

Media went after Kalmadi with vengeance and he landed in jail. But nation knows that Kalmadi is a small fish in the whole CWG scam. Delhi Govt. executed most of the projects that are mired with huge irregularity and corruption. Why did the media not question Sheila Dikshit with the same vigor as it went after Kalmadi? Was Kalmadi used by media as a guinea pig to protect the real culprits?Except a very reluctant Arnab Goswami of Times Now no other channel is even questioning Sheila’s role in CWG scam , in fact few of them have joined in a propaganda to question the authenticity of CAG.

  1. 2.       Yedyurappa vs Sheila Dikshit :

Based on Santosh Hegde’s report media made Yedyurappa resign from CM post. The accusations are – a) One mining company donated 10 crores to his son’s trust b) His son sold a 2 acres of land for 20 crores . Both these accusations are not directly linked with mining scam and Yedyurappa was hounded even before he got a chance to look at the report. The way Santosh Hegde went from one TV channel to another targeting Yedyurappa is something Kiran Bedi needs to ponder about if she wants an independent Lokpal. The CAG chief never went to news channels. A person holding a Govt. office should not let himself used for political purpose. Here is a nice article on the reality of mining scam and you may see Yedyurappa is the least beneficiary of the scam.

However,if guilty of corruption Yedyurappa deserved to be sacked . The question is why Sheila Dikshit is not put into the same scrutiny when both Shunglu report and Delhi Lokpal have pointed fingers at her for CWG scam? Is it her good English that bowls over our elite media or is it more than that e.g. there are rumors of few media channels collecting huge amount of bribes to save Delhi govt.

If Yedyurappa has to go then Sheila Dikshit has to go too.

3.  Mayawati vs Sheila Dikshit

This is an example of the elite bias of English media. Mayawati does not speak English, she is not sophisticated and still she is the tallest leader who stand against Rahul’s UP dream. Hence , she deserves to jeered at.

If there is a rape in UP it’s Maya’s UP and Mayawati is directly held responsible for the rape. But if it’s a rape in Delhi (which is most notorious in crime against women) it is never Sheila’s Delhi. No matter what action Maya takes it is never enough but a word by Sheila Dikshit is enough to satisfy the media. UP is size and population wise much bigger than Delhi but still crime in Delhi is a crime by people and crime in UP is a crime by Maya.

4.       Baba Ramdev vs Salaman & Shahrukh Khan

Everyone witnessed how Baba Ramdev has been ridiculed, targeted and sneered at by our elite media and their esteem studio guests since the day he started his agitation against black money. His yoga methods, his aide, his money, his integrity, his intention and everything about him was mocked at not only in TV studios but also on twitter by our elite journos.

But when Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan questioned Baba’s intentions it was flashed as a national sentiment. Since when Salman and Shahrukh are representing honesty and aspirations of this nation? Why should we be told that what they think about national issues plaguing our nation? What is their personal contribution in fighting corruption?


  1. 5.       Fai vs Who-is- Fai :

FBI arrested Fai for lobbying on behalf of ISI against India on Kashmir issue. Many of our prominent who-is-who so-called activists, intellectual and media persons are found to be a frequent visitors to Fai conference where they used to help Fai in creating anti-India propaganda. Media instead of exposing these anti-national people completely blacked out the news. Except Arnab Goswami no one else found it necessary to tell the nation the activity of these anti-nationals. Few print media exposed the issue as shown in the blog of Narendra Modi.

Question is why media is protecting the interest of people who are working against our nation’s sovereignty. Has the media gone so anti-India to protect ISI propaganda?

6.       A Raja vs Chidambaram

The role of Chidambaram in 2G scam is coming to light in each passing day and now it is getting obvious that he must be a beneficiary of the loot. Why Chidambaram is not being questioned the way A Raja was?Why Chidambaram is protected by media so zealously? Is he above scrutiny because he speaks good English, a Haravard Graduate?

If we need a reform in our political process we also need a bigger reform in our media that  is more and more behaving as a propaganda arm of their political masters and are indulging in anti-India activities. A fascist media in a democracy can only create havoc.


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