Narendra Modi’s Sadbhavan Mission : A paradigm shift in Indian politics

Here are few of the recent important happenings in Indian politics –

  1. Anti-Modi camp, realizing that it’s not possible to finish off Modi politically, has been trying its best to use legal path to curtail him. They were relying on SC verdict to trap Modi to meet their sinister design. One word by SC on Modi would have triggered a massive campaign by media and anti-Modi organizations to topple Modi.  People like Sanjeev Bhatt with the help of media were used to influence SC. However, SC under the leadership of Justice Kapadia upheld the law of the land and prevented itself to be used as a political tool. The SC verdict had been a major set back by anti-Modi camp though the detractors in unison tried to project it as a victory, which it is not.

2. Narendra Modi took everyone by surprise with the speed with which he announced his “Sadbhavana Mission”. He undertook a 3 day fast to promote unity and communal harmony in the state. We saw the same propaganda of past 9 years played out in media to dismiss his initiative as a political gimmick. The innumerable anti-Modi articles, the sound-bytes given to the likes of Teesta, Mallika Sarabhai etc and the continuous debate to paint Modi black in media will go down in history as a journalistic shame that world’s largest democracy has unfortunately witnessed.

3. Modi received immense support from within BJP , NDA and non-NDA partners ; the most prominent being  J Jayalalitha and Raj Thackerey who are powerful non-NDA personalities. Message is clear Jayalalitha and Raj Thackerey will support BJP only if Modi is its leader. The only thorn was Nitish Kumar and media played it to the fullest.

4. During his fast Modi did not indulge in any secularist gimmick rather he stood to his conviction and presented a new model to the nation with the slogan of “ Sabka sath Sabka Vikas”. He spoke with vigor about the development activities in Gujarat and how it helps every community. There is  a huge presence  of Muslim supporters too that media conveniently ignored.

5. Modi did not indulge in any gimmick to make the media or a particular community happy. When asked to wear a skull cap by a Maulana he politely refused and asked for a shawl instead. Media played it as a communal trait of Modi . Though the real communal activity is when most of our leaders indulge in the hypocrisy of wearing a skull cap and offering namaz for  few votes . Have you seen any of the muslim leaders going to a temple and doing idol worship? Their political career will end then and there.

6. Media is just interested to know if he is aspiring for PM and will this fast is enough to change his image. Modi showed media the mirror by saying the easiest way to change his image can be done by keeping the media happy through various means icluding unethical ones . He does not need to work so hard to change his image.

7. Modi has been truthful about the intentions of this Sadbhavana mission. He said he is attempting to project his concept of secularism to the nation and want the country to debate on this against the current form of secularism that has only divided and weaken the society. Modi-baiters and media obviously are not interested as it challenges the status-quo.

8. What is clear now is Modi is going to aggressively spread his message among masses and he has considerable support to his all-inclusive development model  from Sangh, BJP and non-BJP partners. His biggest obstacle is media and anti-Modi camp which are not political players but still play destructive politics on behalf of their political masters.

9. The political scene in India is heating up and I pray this leads to a new paradigm shift in our nation

10. Here are all the interviews Modi gave during Sadbhavana mission. I request readers to understand the larger message that he conveys.


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5 Responses to Narendra Modi’s Sadbhavan Mission : A paradigm shift in Indian politics

  1. prash says:

    i truly agree that the media projects news that is only politically beneficial to them.. rather than keeping in mind the greater well being of hindustan…

  2. Kanu Panchal says:

    It is time for Mr. Narendra Modi to move forward at national level and to be away from post Godhara politics played against him. If he still continue to get confined to shell, it will be too late for him. Move out of Gujarat, mgame of cornering him will automatically changed and he will be out of trap laid for him in Gujarat

  3. C.S.Ramalakshmi says:

    Modiji should spread Sadbhavana Message and Mission outside gujarat.It can be some district in Maharashtra or TamilNadu.It can even be Paris, and it should become World wide.Sadbhavan is India’s message to the whole world.Every where, there are migrants seeking jobs.
    Can we leave wife when we go to foreign country?Can we leave food when we go to foreign country?How can we leave religion when we go to foreign country?When West wants labour from asia, it has to accept people with their religion.All Govts should follow sadbhavana.

  4. C.S.Ramalakshmi says:

    I did a small survey with the youth abt Modiji as next PM here in Chennai and Tiruchy.It is thoroughly positive.They want him as PM.
    1)Youth want a real decison maker.
    2)Modiji’s brand of Foreign investments will really bring more jobs unlike the farcical and scanty job potential of Retail FDI.As a population of mainly job goers, nothing will hearten TamilNadu people than more job potential
    3)Corruption free Admin.
    4)Modiji is reported here as having very few security staff, when he addressed a meeting at surat.He is seen to be a cost- cutter too.
    5)Modiji can even solve Maoist problem, since he is expected to bring development all along the Hindi-triangular belt starting from Uttarakhand, thru Madhya pradesh, all the forest areas , where maoists have taken up quarters right upto Machilipatanam in andhra.
    6)He is friend to Jaya lalita ji, and will be generous in funds to TamilNadu
    1)Salary in private sector should be on par with public sector.
    1)It is opined that there is still some trouble brewing regarding religious harmony in Gujarat.
    The negatives do not overweigh the positives, but it is suggested that he take advise from Advaniji and senior BJP leaders in this regard.
    2)Sadbhavan fasting has not reached Tamilnadu as much as Modiji’s development plank

  5. Riya Tiwari says:

    Venod Sharma can put Haryana as the number one state in the Industrial map of the country. Read More –

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